Special News :
On the 4th December 2015, Angkor Panorama Museum which is located in Siem Reap, the great historic city of tourism in the Kingdom of Cambodia, has been opened to provide the comprehensive information to the visitors who visit the temples of Angkor.
The building space of museum is at about 6,115m2 and it has been displayed the information which is comprised the various field of history and culture of Angkor Era and tour.
Angkor Panorama Museum represents the a millennium-ago contemporary aspects of living of the pro-longed Khmer era that was empowered with the elegant and harmony and splendid oil painting “Angkor - the Age of Prosperity” (123m × 13m) in 360°view. And it shows the compilation which has the content of the progress of the majestic and magnificent Angkor Wat constructed in the Khmer Era,and the remaining the mysterious world based on the historical facts and other more speculative interpretation in movie theatre of the museum.
Our Vision

Our ideal is to be the first-class museum with contributing to the development of human civilization through the grand panoramic painting and various art works which reflect the legendary Angkor wat and its history and culture.

Our Objective

  •  It is to be the only museum providing more detailed and comprehensive information of Angkor Era and Khmer  civilization.
  •  It is to give the fresh impressions and unforgettable strong memories to inbound and outbound visitors by providing  well-being service and experiencing the peculiar creative activities based on the closest collaboration with the  natives.


Opening Hours :​​ Open Daily 09:00AM - 08:00PM

Angkor Panorama Museum

ADD : Road 60M, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap City,
 ​​​​​           Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel : (855) 63 766 215, (855) 92 286 838 (Khmer), 
        (855) 17 938 581 (English, Korean, Chinese)

FAX : (855) 63 763 028

E-mail : reservation@angkorpanoramamuseum.com
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Special News
Dear Valued Customers,
We would like to inform you that the Angkor Panorama Museum will be closed for One Day on August 15th, 2017.
Our museum will be opened as normal on August 16th, 2017.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
For more information please contract us:
Tel: 092/070 286 838 (Khmer & English),
086 647 912 (Chinese)
Email: reservation@angkorpanoramamuseum.com
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