In information hall, you can get better understanding about history and culture in the reign of Angkor Empires by the photos of temples, temple-downscaled model board, data-stored touch screen computer and some other multi-medias.

Tour Guide to Angkor Ruins
The maps in Information Hall has been classified the typical temple structures into the pre-Angkorian, Angkorian and post-Angkorian periods and also has been shown the comprehensive information of tour guide for each day.

Guide to Angkor remains
The photos of the temples in Angkor Coex have been viewed in chronicle order from 7th~15th Century and accordingly it gives the general idea of the formation and development of the ancient Khmer Empire

Model board :
To give you vivid idea about the temples of Angkor era, totally hand-made, temple-downscaled model board has been represented its original look of temples which were built by Khmer nation only.

Twenty-five major temples in Angkor site have been reproduced on a scale of 1/230. On the relief model, you can see the name of the temples, the ways to them, and their topographies.
Touch screen computer :
Touch screen computer has been stored the data of the 55 temples and 27 kings in alphabetical order, in chronicle order that were proved by archeologists and historians in Kingdom of Cambodia.

History and Culture

On this wall it has been shown the traditional customs and habits on the public holidays by photos, captions and multi-media. .